Simple Survey or Poll

1. On analyzing the poll in the local newspaper, I have noticed that the poll contains only the basic, if not to say superficial, information concerning the poll. To put it more precisely, the newspaper provides the information on the time when the poll took place, the number of participants and the approximate age of participants, indicating that all the participants of the poll were over 18. In all probability, the subjects were selected spontaneously and the main criterion was apparently the age of the subjects. At the same time, the newspaper ignores other important criteria, such as gender, ethnic origin, educational level, and other criteria, which can produce a significant impact on the outcomes of the research conducted by the paper. Consequently, it is hardly possible to understand whether the subjects were both male and female, for instance, and what ethnic groups and social class they represented.
2. While working on the project, a number of problems may arise, among which the problem of the access to the information you need is probably the most significant obstacle. In fact, it is possible to use open, public sources, such as mass media, newspapers, journals, etc. However, some media provide a limited access to their archives. Hence, a subscription may be needed to get access to all the information. Also, it is possible to use public or university library to get more information concerning the subject of the research and use governmental resources, including online resources which are available to all users. But such information needs further analysis and it is very important to use multiple sources of data and information in order to conduct a reliable and valid research.


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